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Are you wondering if you need air-conditioning or heating services? There are a list of things that you can do before you give us a call here at Brico. We promise that we are here to help you save time and money and get the best solutions whether that involves us coming to your home or not. Have you checked on the batteries of your thermostat? If your batteries are dead in your thermostat and that is where your air-conditioning system gets extraction, it will not work. Make sure to maintain your heating and air thermostat batteries so that you know they are always giving the right signal to your air or heating system. Also see if turning your thermostat off and back on will work. It sounds like a easy solution, but sometimes it is just that. An easy solution.

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Not only are we the highest rated and reviewed air-conditioning company and Fort Myers, we offer a great deal for our first-time customers. All of our first-time customers here at Brico will get $50 off of their first repair. Yes, that’s right, we want to save you money. Do you know what services we have to offer here at we offer air conditioning repair, air-conditioning maintenance, and air-conditioning installation. And we are good at all of it. We have 20+ years of experience among our team. The team here at Brico if the best that you can find.

Dean of the benefits of working with Brico? Not only do we offer a great deal for first-time customers by giving you $50 off of your first repair, but we are highly rated and reviewed. See why all of our customers give us five stars. You can read our reviews on Google. We also offer upfront pricing. We are not here to rip you off or to tack on any extra fees. When we give you a number before a job, that is the number that you will pay after the job no matter how long it took or how many extra things he has to do. Our goal is customer satisfaction.

Do you need to know if you even need to call a air-conditioning repair system? AC repair Fort Myers is made easy when you call us. There are some things that you can do to check and make sure that your home conditioning system is working. Check your breakers and make sure that your breakers are working. It seems easy a bad sometimes that is all it takes to fix your problem. We can also recommend that fixing the batteries in your thermostat. If your thermostat has that batteries, and is giving direction to your air-conditioning system, it will not run. Make sure to double check that the batteries are always up and running. We also recommend turning your system off and back on again. Seems like a long shot but sometimes you just need a reboot to make sure that everything is working the way that it should be.

If you need the absolute best AC repair Fort Myers, we can help you. We promise to provide you with services that help you. For additional information on AC repair Fort Myers, visit us online on or give us a call at 239-848-5107.