Why Us

Everyone is looking for the AC repair Fort Myers really deserves! However, let me tell you why people like BriCo home conditioning and why you will too! It’s really about making sure that our customers are properly taken care of and they’re not intimidated to ask any questions that come across their mind. We help our customers live in a more comfortable home, but on top of that we provide them with an experience they can’t get anywhere else because we are very intentional in the way that we educate them along the way but most of all we provide them with peace of mind. In fact, our customers feel like family to us and we wouldn’t treat them any differently!

So let’s get into it, what really makes our AC repair Fort Myers different than everybody else’s? Well, first of all, you no longer have to worry about going to run through the phone book or doing a load of research, wondering who’s really qualified to do the job right the first time. The reason for that is we have plenty of reviews and ratings that you can take a look at to learn more about the way that we do everything. And that’s why we can confidently tell you that we’re the ones for you because we understand how to make sure that our customers are well taken care of. In fact we are highly rated with more than 50 reviews with a 5.0 rating! We get these kinds of ratings because we do the job right the first time around. Other air-conditioning contractors don’t typically have many reviews or if any at all, and then it’s like flipping a coin…hoping they will do good work without a track record of satisfied customers, but let me tell you over here you don’t have to take chances!

We actually like to back up the quality of our AC repair Fort Myers with a great warranty. We have a 30 day labor warranty on all the work that we do and on top of that we have a 60 day warranty with the maintenance agreement. It’s really about going the extra mile and making sure that our customers know that we’re willing to put in the extra work to take care of it. It’s important to have someone do the work for you who actually backs up the quality of their work with a solid warranty. And that’s why we continue to do that. It builds confidence with the customer in making sure that they’ll have a great experience.

It’s so important to really consider the way that a typical HVAC contractor will price their AC repair Fort Myers and the way that they’ll give you a price. Over here at BriCo home condition, AC repair Fort Myers, we make sure to use an upfront pricing system. That means there are no bait and switch tactics, no hidden fees, no extra cost at the end of the job, because you’ve already agreed on a price before we started! That’s really important because you know the price and so do we! There are far too many contractors out there who try to add extra fees that you wouldn’t even know were part of the job as they try to play it off. So we solve that problem for you with our upfront price and system in order to better take care of our customers and make sure they always have peace of mind when they work with us!

Another reason why people like to choose us is that we actually have strong communication with our customers. We take the time to educate our customers and really explain everything that we do because we understand that it’s important for the customers to have peace of mind. That’s why we help you make the best decision based off what you need to really value the services that will benefit you the most. We make solid recommendations as to what makes the most sense and what you’re wanting accomplished. The last thing we do is replace an AC unit that just needs a simple tweak! It’s our goal to make sure that you spend the least money as possible with your AC repair Fort Myers because we will always give you the best recommendation, we actually have your best interest in mind.

Those are just some of the basic reasons why people like to choose BriCo home conditioning for their go to AC repair Fort Myers needs. However, let me list off a few more great things about us! We’re actually veteran owned, we’re a member of the Better Business Bureau, we have 24 seven emergency availability, and we’re well experience with over 20 years of experience. We’re so knowledgeable in what we do that we’ve even done consulting for other AC companies in the area! If you’re looking for an expert and knows what they’re talking about, then you may want to consider us. We take the time to make sure that the diagnostic is made right, that we’re not having to retrace our steps and that you always get the best price!

Go ahead and take the time to read some reviews to learn a little bit more about what our past customers have to say. Because our customers really enjoy our work and our transparency, they’re like family to us! We’re always looking forward to meeting new customers and developing a long-term relationship with them. It’s our goal can give you the best experience here and make sure that your air-conditioning unit is properly taken care of. And once again don’t hesitate to give us a call as we actually do free estimates for you because we want to make sure there aren’t any barriers between you and us! BriCo home conditioning, AC repair Fort Myers, is all about going above and beyond making sure you always have what you need because it’s important to us to make sure that our customers are satisfied before we leave.