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At the first customer here at Brico, we will give you $50 off of your first repair. That’s right, you will get $50 off of your first air service repair. What other things we have to offer here at the company? Alex we offer the best services with the most experienced technicians, but we offer air-conditioning installation air-conditioning repair, and air-conditioning maintenance. All of these wonderful services are done by great people who have a ton of experience. we are the AC Repair Fort Myers that you need.

You are guaranteed a ton of awesome benefits when you have Brico come to your home. Some of these incredible benefits not only include $50 off your first repair at the new customer, or our incredible ratings and reviews, but we offer upfront pricing. We offer ever pricing, we are honest with you and you will know that you will only be paying what we tell you have first and we will be trying to tack on any extra fees or rip you off. We know how brave that is. We also have certified excellence. All of our technicians are certified. We also have 20+ years of experience in this industry and filled.

Are you wondering what you should do before you call home conditioning repair service? We can help you. AC Repair Fort Myers is made easy with Brico. Before you call in air service company, there are some things that you can check out. We want to save you time and money. Make sure that the batteries in your thermostat are alive and well. Sometimes is your money, and receive extraction that is your problem and in the east effects. Make sure to double and triple check that all of your batteries are working well. You can also reset your system. Turn it off and back on. Doesn’t seem too hard, but that is all you need for a quick reboot of the system. Make sure you wait five minutes before

Before calling us make sure to check the date. We also have a goal of giving you the right tools for success whether we are in your home or not. These maintenance tips can be included in your routine. Make sure to vacuum out your drink with a shot back. This allows the system to get cleared up. Sometimes a dirty filter causes things to malfunction. We also recommend having regular upkeep. It is easier to prevent problems to treatment. For additional information on how wonderful air-conditioning repair service come to you, visit us online on or call 239-848-5107.

And you can call at Brico, we offer quality services. We are here for AC repair Fort Myers. We are here to help you save money and time. The right tools for a clean and safe air whether it involves us or not. We are one of the best ever. We are the highest rated and reviewed air-conditioning service in Fort Myers. Not only do we have incredible reviews from our customers, but we also offer a great deal for first-time customers. What is this great deal? Will tell you. This great deal is 50 dollars off of your first repair.

Not only do we offer a great deal for first-time concerns, but we also offer benefits overall. These benefits are incredible. The benefits that we offer here at Brico are unlike any other. We offer upfront pricing. Who else does this? No one else does it. When you offer at from pricing, it shows that we are capable and competent. What the number that we give you to pay the for your service will be the same after your service no matter how long it takes or if we have to do any extra things fully prepared for. Apart from free upfront pricing, we also have 20+ years of experience here at Eric. All of our technicians are nationally certified. This means being willing to offer the absolute best an excellent service after.

Not only can we offer great air-conditioning services, but we also offer services for your here. Are you thinking about having to call us here at Brico? Before you call, there are some things that you can do. AC repair Fort Myers is made easy here with if your air system is broken or not fiction. Sometimes you bring the cats don’t want save you can also check the thermostat. Patient the battery your thermostat well and switch them out if needed.

If you’re a system is taking direction from thermostat values batteries, if the batteries are broken then they will not receive any direction. Your sister might be just fine. Have you tried resetting your thermostat? Reset your thermostat and turn back on after five minutes. Sometimes turn you off and on both give it that reboot that it needs to start working well again. You can also choose to make sure all of your the human humidified that are in the right spots and settings.

Now that you know what you can do before you give us a call here at Brico, you know that we are the absolute best AC repair Fort Myers. Not only do we come to fix things that are broken, but we can help prevent by scheduling the your maintenance. When you have ongoing maintenance, your AC system as well transmitter and your electric bill will be lower because you are you in air systems are you seeing as active things. We also offer maintenance agreements. To learn more about any of the things that we have to offer here at Brico, you can visit us online on or give us a call at 239-848-5107.